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games at the front pitch

A Typical Week of Camp

Camp Programme at Dromantine

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gaelic at girls camp


Dromantine Summer Camp is synonymous with Gaelic football. Our Gaelic pitch has played host to many all-stars and county greats throughout the Camp’s history and the Gaelic football games always serve as the perfect team-building activity allowing the players to showcase their talents and work together.

soccer at girls camp


Adjacent to the Gaelic pitch is the soccer field. For all those players who are less enthused by Gaelic football, the soccer games are a perfect outlet to display their abilities and enjoy a fun and healthy game of football. 

There is also a Manager vs Student game during the week which is always an interesting event!


There are two basketball courts at Dromantine. Teams are split to form two separate basketball teams allowing the younger, smaller players to play against others their size and the older, taller players to do the same. Our basketball games are always enjoyable, fast-paced and allow many players to experience a sport that they may have never had the opportunity to play before.

Boys playing basketball at camp


A relatively new sport on the Dromantine programme, Rounders has been a smash-hit at Camp.


Rounders give the players an opportunity to enjoy one of the less-appreciated official GAA sports and practice different skills in a game that is reliant upon strong communication between teammates.

Rounders at girls camp
Racquet ball being played at boys camp

Tennis and

Just behind the Dromantine House is the beautiful tennis court and the famous racquetball court. Often a favourite with many of the players, these sports allow players to recreationally compete against their own teammates in either singles or doubles and try their hand at racquet-based games.

boys playing table tennis

Games Room

The iconic Dromantine games room holds two pool tables and two table tennis tables. Throughout the week the games room give players the chance to cool down and enjoy some of the less physically-demanding sports at Camp while getting to know their teams and Managers better.


Renowned for its strong Catholic ethos, during the SMA-run Camp, players attend a church service every day, and are actively encouraged to get involved in alter-serving, reading, the offertory procession, or of course, the singing. Every year the Liturgy at Dromantine manages to galvanise players to enthuse their faith.



For many, the highlight of the week – the Thursday night Talent Show. In their teams, players put on a play that their team has scripted and produced for the entertainment of all the other attendees at Camp. Players also perform their own individual talents such as singing and dancing. The talent show is always great craic and is the perfect celebration for the last night of Camp.

Girls talent

Need More Information on the Camp Programme?

For more information or enquiries about Dromantine Camp, please don't hesitate to contact using the details below:

Dromantine Summer Camp

96 Glen Rd, Newry

BT34 1RH

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